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Anonymous: I wish I could say everything will get better for you because you deserve to be able to feel great about yourself and enjoy your life but I can't promise that so please please just carry on, try to be strong, I know its really hard but it could get better and you have loads of people to support you though this, I just hope you can get better :)

I wish I was dead and you was happy

Anonymous: Oliver no. There is no way that you should not be here right now. You are a truly beautiful person and we, I, do not want to loose you this early. seriously i love you

You don’t know me though ! You won’t be losing anything! You can’t love me I’m shit

Anonymous: You are an amazing human being, you are really cute, hot, great eyes, awesome hair and you seem like such a sweet lovely person xx

I am nothing.

Anonymous: No, don't say that. I'm so glad you didn't otherwise I wouldn't of known you, and that breaks my heart. You are lovely. You have a kick-ass blog and I love you okay?

I should have died that night I tried overdosing. But my parents stopped me. I should be gone.

I only regret not killing myself when I had the chance


I’m back. Rock bottom again.
I was doing pretty well! I was pleased with myself. But I can’t let things last. They raised my medication and my dreams got worse and I’m tired so much more. All my blades and stuff to cut with all went rusty so I’m left feeling fidgety not being able to let it all out of my system. I feel like complete shit.
I’m alone and I always will be alone. Nobody wants me. No one should want me. I am nothing.

Anonymous: Post a booty pic so we can tell you how fabulous it is.

sorry x that wont be happening x

Anonymous: Come,come. Kitty, kitty. You,re so pretty,pretty!

Hello Kitty?